The Final Quest Trilogy



What if a single revelation could change your destiny in a moment? In this riveting bestselling series, author Rick Joyner takes you on the supernatural journey that has captivated millions. More real than an allegory, The Final Quest Trilogy is a panoramic vision of the epic struggle between light and darkness, and your part in it.


As the series unfolds, you can join in the great battle, encounter angels and demons, apostles and prophets, and the heavenly realm itself. This trilogy is about the greatest adventure, to serve the greatest King, and to stand for His truth with courage—a tale not for the timid, but for the bold.

I've never read such an encouraging and convicting book in the prophetic realm. Rick Joyner seems to be dead on with what the Lord is doing in this season to, for, and through His church. —Goodreads Reviewer

I cannot think of another book that has impacted me so powerfully on so many different levels than this book—and I am an avid reader. —Amazon Reviewer

I was glued to each page as Rick captured his experiences and recorded them. His transparency, his victories, his convictions, and his moments of joy were so well conveyed that you feel part of his experiences. —Amazon Reviewer

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Author Rick Joyner
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