21st Century Leadership



When we talk about ministry in the 21st century, we are not trying to rebuild the first century church. We have to go on.The 21st century church is meant to be relevant to the 21st century. The basic biblical doctrines remain the same. We need to hear the Lord's voice more clearly. We need to hear Him just as clearly at work as we do in worship. We have to get closer to the Lord. We need to extract the precious from the worthless. There is good weird and bad weird. We want to know the difference. We want the good weird. The church is radically changing. We must not confuse problems with the pressure of transformation.


This is a seven part series addressing the issues of raising up people in this day for our times and we need to start discerning it and start using it. We don't want to miss God. The Lord never changes, to Him time is nothing. He is beyond time. We don't want the church to live behind the times. In some ways we are going to get closer to the first century. Church is everyday life. God can use us anytime and anyplace—God moves in everyday life.


This seven-part series spells out many important and relevant truths in defining leadership goals and forming plans that are according to His purpose.



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