7 Mountain Mandate (Volume 2)



Join Lance Wallnau in the “7 Mountain Mandate" series Volume 2 as he continues to build upon the groundbreaking and mind-renewing foundation he laid in Volume 1.


With humor, eye-opening real-world testimonies, and his signature white board illustrations, Lance delivers practical strategies that you can apply in your life today that will help you infiltrate the “high places" of your sphere of influence in society. These messages are designed both for personal and small group use, and are presented in an order that build upon one another, making them perfect for home groups or ministry school settings.


Dr. Lance Wallnau is a dynamic teacher with a unique and powerful gift for imparting the Word of God. His anointed messages penetrate deep into the heart with incredible authority, clarity, and personal application. For more information about Lance’s products, events, and personal development resources, visit www.LanceLearning.com.

This media set is a continuation of Volume 1, and includes 6 messages:


8. Unveiling the Glory
9. Apostolic Invasion
10. Force Multiplication
11. The 50 Commands of Jesus
12. Sphere Mastery
13. The Joseph Journey


Continue “The 7 Mountain Mandate" series in Volume 3!

The DVD set includes approximately 4 hours of teaching. Widescreen Version: enhanced for 16x9 televisions.



Purchasers of the MP3 format will receive a link to download the teaching audio.

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