Leadership: The Power of a Creative Life



Leadership and creativity are two of the most powerful forces on earth. Together they have dictated the course of history. They can be used for good or evil, creating a wide swath across the human landscape. This book is a study of these two forces using interesting, real life examples. It is also a simple, straightforward course on how you can develop leadership and creativity in your own life.

Best book on leadership that I've ever read. I can see why so many influential leaders rely on this. So many leadership books today are derivative and just reuse the same, worn out, tired and cliché materials. This one is different. I wish I'd had this ten or twenty years ago. —Amazon Reviewer

A great book everybody should read. The principles are not only for leadership, but for everyday life. Can't recommend it highly enough. —Amazon Reviewer

Type Books
Author Rick Joyner
SKU RJ1-056