I got a strong impression from the Lord to go to MorningStar and look for hidden treasure among the worship school students one year, and I did. I found some wonderful writers and players and put together a group to record a CD. The CD was titled Speak. Among them was a young girl who could easily go unnoticed from her timidity. When she finally came forward to sing a song, I could barely hear her. I got right next to her to listen and her songs were completely honest about her feelings. I was shocked for a minute as I pondered God's word about hidden treasure. She is certainly a treasure and almost totally hidden from the average swirl that surrounds our over-stimulated world.


After being convicted by God about how much I usually miss in life, I took Elissa on as an intern and we recorded an EP of her songs. It is titled Fragile, and I was blessed to be part of it. There are songs like "Father" that journey into the mystery that surrounds the relationship between a daughter and her earthly father and how that affects the relationship with the heavenly Father. Another song is "You Be God, I'll be the Human." At first listen I had to laugh, and by the end I was in tears about the reality that many young people face and so few are able to express.


Elissa Yoder is a young champion of poetry and song, and a voice to a younger generation that is struggling to have something to say. This is worth the listen. —Don Potter


Tracks Include:

  • Father
  • Misfit
  • Union
  • My Father's Daughter
  • Fragile
  • You Be God (I'll Be the Human)
  • You



Type Music
Author Elissa Yoder
SKU EY1-001