2017 50+ Gathering "Motivated by Love"



The 2017 "Motivated by Love" 50+ Gathering set includes:

  1. 50+ Influence with John Boneck
  2. The Necessity of Self-Deliverance with Dennis and Dr. Jennifer Clark
  3. Self-Deliverance Made Easy with Dennis and Dr. Jennifer Clark
  4. The Color of Love with Bonnie Jones
  5. Love and the Prophetic with Sarah Godwin
  6. Motivating Prayer with Brad Tebbutt
  7. Praying for the Big Stuff with Robert Rummage
  8. Sexual Identity with Liz Flaherty
  9. School of the Spirit with Rick Joyner
  10. Defining Four Generations & How Younger Generations Think with Karen Tennis and Team
  11. Saturday Afternoon Session
  12. Connecting the Generations with John Boneck & Team
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