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About us

About us

About MorningStar Christian BookStore

Nestled within the storied grounds of the old Heritage USA campus at 375 Star Light Drive, Fort Mill, SC, MorningStar Christian BookStore stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of faith, education, and community. As an integral part of MorningStar Ministries, founded by Rick and Julie Joyner in 1985, our bookstore is more than a place to purchase books—it's a gateway to spiritual enrichment and divine discovery. In 2023, with the installation of Chris Reed as the new President and CEO, we continue to embrace a future of restoration and growth while holding steadfast to our foundational values.

Our Mission Rooted in the biblical mandate of Matthew 24:45-46, MorningStar Ministries Christian BookStore is driven by a simple yet profound motto: "We will not use people to build our ministry, but we use our ministry to build people." We are dedicated to serving the Master's household by providing the highest quality spiritual food—"meat in due season."

Our Vision MorningStar Christian BookStore is not just a store; it's a gathering place for the community of believers to find resources that strengthen their walk with Christ. We believe in nurturing the church and its members to become true light and salt in the earth, aligning with every aspect of MorningStar Ministries' focus.

Our Legacy From MorningStar Publications’ highly regarded titles to the transformative MorningStar Conferences, and from the robust fellowship communities of MFM and MFC to the pioneering education at MSU and CSCL, MorningStar Christian BookStore embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence. Our shelves are lined with works that reflect this spirit—books and materials designed to challenge, inspire, and equip believers for a life of faith and impact.

Our Commitment At MorningStar Christian BookStore, we echo the commitment of MorningStar Ministries to produce not just a quantity of works, but literature of significance and timeliness. Our collection is meticulously curated, featuring titles that resonate with the heart of our mission, educational resources that empower, and artistic expressions that inspire worship.

Join Us We invite you to explore our store, be it in person or through our online presence, and partake in the rich heritage of wisdom, worship, and learning we offer. Whether you’re seeking a deeper understanding of biblical teachings, looking for resources to bolster your ministry, or searching for that perfect gift to uplift a fellow believer, you'll find a repository of treasures here at MorningStar Christian BookStore.

Contact Us For more information or to inquire about our latest offerings, feel free to reach out to us at 

375 Star Light Drive Fort Mill, SC 29715
(800) 542-0278