Bring Down That Wall



Nicholas Papanicolaou presents a strong and coherent case for the historical, political and legal background of the separation of Church and State. Any reasonable person reading this book will know that both the Founders and subsequent Presidents of the United States intended and understood that separation to apply only to the Federal Government. Under both the Constitution and the First Amendment, the States retained the right to regulate any separation, or non-separation, of Church and State. That right was usurped from the States by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1947.

-William G. Boykin, Lt. General (Ret.) U.S. Army, Executive Vice President of the Family Research Council


As President of Phoenix University of Theology, which was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, I believe, Bring Down that Wall is a must read. It reveals the purposeful establishment of the United States around God and Christianity by our Founding Fathers. This will forever shatter the myth of 'Separation of Church and State' and in fact shows the opposite to be true.

-Dr. Karen Drake

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