January Special



This month's special includes:

  • In The Fire that Could Not Die, discover the story of the revival that changed Christianity and for a time, made a dead end street in Los Angeles the most famous street in the world. Learn the lessons of history and become inspired to press in for revival in your day.
  • The Big Picture: This little book offers plausible answers to this and other profound questions in a most interesting and create narrative. Miles Wylie Albright is one of the most unique people that I know. He often amazes me with the insights he obtains from the Scriptures and from nature. This is a remarkable work from a remarkable seeker of God.
  • Islam, Israel, and the Church: Much has been written on the Near East controversy, but we seldom find such an unerring, spiritual, theological, and historical analysis of the situation as in this book by Marcel Rebiai. Islam, Israel, and the Church conveys a deep understanding into the callings of Israel and the Arab people while ripping open the fog surrounding many Westerners regarding this issue.
  • Three Witnesses explores the lives of three giants of the faith: John Hus, Jon Amos Comenius, and Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf. These men left their mark on multiple spheres of society, and their lives will expand your vision for what is possible to accomplish today.
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