July 2020 Special


Our monthly special for July is The Higher Calling Special, featuring:

  • The Surpassing Greatness of His Power by Rick Joyner
  • 50 Days for a Soaring Vision by Rick Joyner

You Have a Higher Calling.
Step Into Something Extraordinary
Christians are called to do more than take up a designated seat at their local church—are you pursuing this higher calling?

If you're interested in a life that's more extraordinary than ordinary, check out the July Monthly Special, featuring The Surpassing Greatness of His Power and 50 Days to a Soaring Vision, both by Rick Joyner.

The Lord has invited all of us into a life far grander and more purposeful than our minds can imagine, but we must continue following His voice. These two resources will help you gain a vision for God's larger plan for your life, the call He's placed on you, and this world.


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