Michael Fickess Collection


With sound biblical wisdom and prophetic insight, author Michael Fickess unpacks the teachings of a little known biblical prophet while also casting vision for the next move of God and our place in it. This five-book bundle is an exceptional value from author Michael Fickess.


Included in this bundle:


1) Enoch's Blessing — a clear presentation of Enoch’s ancient writings in a modern English paraphrase while exploring the prophetic significance of his message for the end times.


2) Paths of Ever-Increasing Glory — this book takes Enoch’s Blessing a step further by exploring Enoch’s unique theology from a biblical perspective.


3) The Restoration of All Things — a prophetic allegory that will expand your vision of all that the next move of God entails. Told through the eyes of a few desperate sojourners, this exciting journey will open your eyes to the next great waves of glory, wisdom, revelation, and love through exploration of the mysteries of the kingdom.


4) The Rise of His Holy Ones — this book explores the deeper streams of holiness that bring liberty and empower us to abide in the Holy One all the time. Reflection questions for individual and small group study are included.


5) The Great Acceleration — a prophetic allegory that presents a clear and engaging vision of the triumph of the body of Christ in the end-times, offering a hope-filled and biblical perspective on the most pressing questions about the turbulent decades ahead.

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