Modern Day Mother Teresa


This documentary film shows the difference that one person can make by stepping out and helping the poorest people of the world. Through the life of Freddie Power and her ministry, Keeping Hope Alive, Freddie illustrates a life of giving and sacrifice as the late Mother Teresa did—earning her the nickname "Modern Day Mother Teresa."


The ministry of Freddie Power will provoke you to go after the harvest! 

-Justin Perry, Lead Pastor of MorningStar Fellowship Church


Well-deserved filming and actions by Ms. Power. 

-Rep. Raye Felder, Representative for the House District 26


This is a life-changing documentary on the amazing life and ministry of Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Freddie Power and her ministry, Keeping Hope Alive. Join us as we travel to: Kenya, Africa, Charlotte, NC and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Freddie ministers love to the poorest of the poor of the world and brings joy to many of its children 

-Joshua August, Director


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