7-Day Family Food Bucket


In a joint effort with Wilderness Family Naturals, MorningStar Ministries has created some of the most unique, nutritionally balanced, and scientifically designed disaster preparation foods on the market. With no additives or preservatives and using only all-natural products from around the globe, this food is designed to keep you healthy and thriving during disaster situations. 


This Seven Day Family Food Bucket is substantial for two people for one week or a family of four with small children. There are eighty-four servings per bucket, and the serving sizes are generous and realistic, providing an adequate amount of calories. Each bucket contains twenty-one individually packed meals, including seven different lunches, seven dinners, and seven breakfasts in three varieties. All food items have an ideal shelf life of five years to preserve nutritional quality. Each individual meal contains four servings. All meals are prepared with water only, and by adding extra rice or quinoa to each entrée, the amount could easily be extended to feed more people. Meats can also be added to all the meals to provide additional sustenance. 


Designed and tested by people who have lived off the grid and worked in disaster zones across the world, we believe there is no better product to ensure that you not only survive but thrive in disasters. We will have these buckets in our houses when disaster strikes. How about you?


Meals Included:
• Coconut Vegetable Curry over Quinoa
• Vegetable Chili
• Broccoli Potato Soup Mix
• Butternut Squash Soup
• Jamaican Rice and Bean Soup Mix
• Lentil Soup
• Puerto Rican Bean and Rice
• Cajun Beans and Rice
• Mexican Corn Soup Mix
• Creamy Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup
• Potato Corn Chowder
• Creamy Coconut Rice Soup
• Vegetable Barley Soup
• Tomato Basil Soup
• Mango Raspberry Organic Cereal x2
• Banana Blueberry Organic Cereal x2
• Choco Maca Organic Cereal x3