The Boys of 76'


When the world was ready for it, the American Revolution burst on the scene with the declaration that all men were created by God free and equal and endowed with inalienable rights.


With their trust in God and the righteousness of their cause, they challenged the greatest military power on earth and won, overturned the right of kings to rule, and turned the world upside down.


  • Here is the story of the war that established our nation, so that freedom and liberty would one day become the heritage of all.
  • Here is a record of the bravery of those who laid their all on the altar of sacrifice--
  • So you will know what our liberty has cost, and what it will take to keep it!


Historically accurate statements and actions of Revolutionary War participants give the reader a faithful account of the battles. The different destinies of the four fictional characters give the story an urgency that keeps young readers interested

Coffin's Christian perspective and moral observations are what most notably set this history apart from the contemporary version. Coffin heard all these stories first hand when he was a boy from the people who were there!


The Boys of 76'  is a masterfully written and important account of the sacrifice, faith and courage it took to make America a free and independent nation. 
Beautifully illustrated with ninety-three antique engravings.

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