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This library builder delivers important foundational messages for the times!  


Book Titles Include:

  1. The Final Quest
  2. The Call
  3. The Torch and the Sword
  4. There Were Two Trees in the Garden
  5. Church History: The First Century
  6. The Journey Begins
  7. The Prophetic Ministry
  8. The Power to Change the World
  9. The Overcoming Life
  10. Epic Battles of the Last Days
  11. The Apostolic Ministry
  12. Leadership: The Power of a Creative Life
  13. When God Walked the Earth
  14. The Harvest (25th Anniversary Edition)
  15. Visions of the Harvest (25th Anniversary Edition)
  16. The Surpassing Greatness of His Power
  17. Taking the Land
  18. Islam, Israel, and the Church (Marcel Rebiai)
  19. The Triumph of Justice (An Orthodox Jewish Rabbi)
  20. God Meant It for Good (R.T. Kendall)
  21. A Prophetic History
  22. Life in the Light (Rick Reddick)
  23. The Extraordinary Journey (Matt Peterson)
  24. Correct, Not Politically Correct (Frank Turek)
  25. Courage That Changed the World
  26. The Three Witnesses
  27. I See a New America
  28. Overcoming Racism
  29. Overcoming the Religious Spirit
  30. Overcoming Fear
  31. Overcoming Confusion
  32. Overcoming the Accuser
  33. Overcoming Witchcraft
  34. Overcoming the Spirit of Poverty

* All titles are authored by Rick Joyner unless otherwise noted.

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