Vision Conference Special Day 1


The Vision Conference Special Day 1, includes:

  • 50 Days for a Firm Foundation: This daily devotional is designed to strengthen the foundations of your spiritual life through a fifty day study of God’s plan as revealed in the Scriptures. This study will challenge you to search out the heart of God like never before.
  • 50 Days for a Soaring Vision:This daily devotional is designed to open the eyes of our hearts to clearly see the realities of the spiritual realm and be united with the heart of God. Those with such vision touch earth with the truth of eternity and change the world they walk in.
  • 50 Days for a Enduring Vision:This daily devotional is a roadmap to assist you on your mission to fulfill your purpose in this life. This devotional will inspire you to reach your full potential in God.
Author Rick Joyner
SKU VC20-001