Advanced Prophetic Conference 2019



Filmed live at the Heritage Conference Center, the Advanced Prophetic Conference 2019 features anointed teaching and worship by Bobby Conner, Rick Joyner, Matt Sorger, Jeremiah Johnson, Robin McMillan, David Vallier, Leonard Jones, Joel and Destiny Khouri, MSU Worship School, and many others.


Sessions Include:

  1. Standing in the Council of the Lord by Rick Joyner
  2. The Council of God: An Invitation to Come Up & Come In by Bobby Conner
  3. Prophetic Prayer Culture & Five Wagon Revelation by Robert Rummage and Robin McMillan
  4. Baptism of Fire & Love by Matt Sorger and Rick Joyner
  5. A Crisis in Leadership by Rick Joyner
  6. The Burden of the Word of the Lord by Jeremiah Johnson


Digital Video

Purchasers of the Digital Video format will be emailed a link to a video streaming page with the option to download the set. MP3 Audio Download is included free of charge.



Purchasers of the MP3 format will receive a link to download the conference audio. MP3 format does not include conference worship and does not include the second session titled The Council of God: An Invitation to Come Up & Come In by Bobby Conner.

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