Coming Out of Egypt



When I speak of Egypt, I am referring to a religious system, not the actual country, which is a beautiful place filled with many that the God of Israel calls "My people" in Isaiah 19:25. Permeated with religious and physical bondage, ancient Egypt practiced ethnic cleansing of God's people and instituted severe slavery until God finally sent a savior, Moses, who delivered them. He was not fully accepted by those he was sent to set free, just as Jesus is often rejected by those He comes to deliver today. It took the power of God to deliver Israel then, and it still takes the power of God - the cross - to deliver us now. God is at work again planning a mass exodus. He is not calling our whole bodies out of Egypt this time - only our hearts. -Leonard Jones

Tracks Include:

01 Coming out of Egypt
02 Superman
03 Beautiful Cloak of Praise
04 Holding Your Breath
05 Inner Court
06 Lion's Tree
07 Dance Through the Sky

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