The Prosperity Matrix: Discover What Matters Most and Set Your Course



Prosperity—everyone wants to prosper, but what is the secret? Does your life lack productivity, vision, or purpose? Are you unsure of where to even begin to change? The Prosperity Matrix is your guide to building sustained prosperity in every area of your life. Dave Yarnes, successful entrepreneur and businessman, shares practical insights and experiences of how to maintain your dream for a greater destiny. With information compiled from hundreds of personal interviews, The Prosperity Matrix will help you discover the keys to sustained and productive prosperity and vision in leadership. Even if you have achieved many of your life's goals, true prosperity can continue to grow when you discover what matters most and set your personal course for the future.

I can attest that I have experienced a new level of prosperity by applying these principles, both financially and spiritually. If you use the Life Application Guide, I assure you that you will see a change in your life for the better. —Amazon Reviewer

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Author Dave Yarnes
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