This album features Leonard Jones, Kevin Prosch, and Suzy Wills Yaraei and was recorded live at the Heart of David Worship & Warfare Conference.


The Cloud 

by Rick Joyner


This is the fourth and last of the albums that were recorded live at our first Heart of David Conference—Worship & Warfare. We were very encouraged by how the first three were received, however, I believe that some of the best wine was saved for this last one. The ending to this project requires some explanation. On the last day of the conference, the worship hit a level of intensity that we would have been glad to experience for just a few minutes, yet it actually lasted for a total of nearly eight hours. As the final meeting was drawing to a close, I asked Leonard Jones to start his version of the Beatles', "I Want to Hold Your Hand," which he sings as if it were a message from the Lord. After the band finished that song, the people still would not stop worshiping. The presence of the Lord was the greatest I had ever felt in a meeting before. Then many of us began to feel an intense heat. Suddenly, Christine Potter started pulling at her clothes as if she were on fire. Then Suzy Wills Yaraei dove behind the drums. I turned around just in time to see a cloud in the middle of the stage. I first thought that something had caught on fire, but it was soon apparent that something else was the cause. The crowd noise suddenly stopped. As the cloud moved off to one side, a sweet fragrance filled the stage area. Weeping broke out, and everyone seemed stunned. We did not know what or why, but we knew somehow it was from the Lord. Later, Ray Hughes explained that whenever the Lord received a sacrifice in Scripture, He would send fire to consume it, and then it would go up in smoke. It seemed as if this were just a token from Him that He had received our worship.


Weeks later, when Don Potter and Leonard Jones were listening to the tapes of the conference, there was a noise on the tape they could not figure out. It sounded like someone blowing across a mic without a wind guard. Yet that would have spiked the meters on the tape machines, and this noise did not even register on them. Because the crowd noise was so loud at the time, the stage mics had all been turned off to avoid distortion. The audience mics were on at a low level, and the noise seemed to pass from the back of the room to the front. The strange noise stops abruptly at just about the time the cloud appeared, and there is also a dramatic stop to the cheering as the people see it. Then Christine started singing "My Soul Longs for You" by herself to the Lord, and you can hear people weeping in the background. The impact is so powerful that we left it on. However, I knew that to those who heard it without any explanation, it would seem very weird. In fact, it may seem weird anyway, but for us who were there it captures audibly something very special that happened that night.


Tracks Include:

01 We Wait
02 Filled With Your Glory
03 Let Your Glory be Known
04 Fight on the Side
05 Praise the Lord, Oh My Soul
06 I Want to Hold Your Hand


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