High Places



I started playing the guitar in 1958. When I was nineteen, after I heard the violin played in a few bands, I knew I had to learn to play it. Since I was living in Germany at the time, it was easy to find a violin. I purchased one and began teaching myself to play. After six months, I realized the complexity of the instrument and knew I needed some training. I played proficiently enough to receive a scholarship in music and learned to play the violin properly at the university. Through the years, it has become my instrument of choice when it comes to worship and particularly spontaneous worship. My hope is that you will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit on these songs. I am pleased to introduce Fergus Marsh playing the Chapman Stick on this CD. Fergus put together all the loops you hear which increased the creativity and made it much easier to worship freely on our instruments. -Leonard Jones


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02 Track 2
03 Track 3
04 Track 4
05 Track 5
06 Track 6

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