Jesus [Broken]



This album features former MorningStar University students Brandon Willett, Joel Khouri, Molly Williams, Kelanie Gloeckler, Brian Whalen, Josh Baldwin, and others. These are just a few of the most amazing and gifted artists, musicians, and leaders that have served under the tent of MorningStar. The creative release that is flowing from the atmosphere surrounding their passion and pursuit of Jesus' heart in worship is drawing many more into this exciting worship experience.

Leonard and I have been privileged and honored to be a part of their lives and to watch them grow in love and grace. -Suzy Wills Yaraei 


Tracks Include:

01 You Singing
02 More Like You
03 Jesus Broken (Why This Waste)
04 The Love of God
05 No Weapon
06 Love You Only
07 Emmanuel (Do You Recognize Me)
08 Teach Me


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