Spontaneous Combustion: Instrumental Worship and Warfare



The third CD in Leonard Jones' series of instrumental albums, Spontaneous Combustion is instrumental worship and warfare with Leonard Jones, Stephen Roach, and Luke Skaggs.


Most of this CD was recorded spontaneously. By that, I mean we did not discuss keys, time signatures, beginnings and endings. But what was created was far from being spontaneous. We drew from years of being in God's presence, years of practice, years on our instruments, and years of discipline. Just as in natural spontaneous combustion, where there is such an intense heat that something's got to burn; here you can feel the fire of God, calling His bride to the Worship & Warfare that's a larger part in her destiny than ever before. This is the time to start burning again. -Leonard Jones

Historically, drumming and rhythmic cadence have been used in warfare as well as in spiritual worship and celebration. We see this in many biblical passages such as when Miriam took up the frame drum and led the congregation of Israel into a victorious chant after crossing the Red Sea. We see it when David heard "the sound of marching" in the tops of the trees and when Jephthah's daughter came out to celebrate her father's victorious return from war. Today, the church is rediscovering the powerful tool of drumming as it applies to worship and spiritual warfare. It is my prayer that as we get in sync with the heartbeat of God. We will see His kingdom come to earth as never before. -Stephen Roach


01 Speed of Light
02 Listen to the Wind
03 Leaving
04 200 Lives
05 Down with the Moon
06 Reminder
07 Love Song
10 Bonus


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