50+ Gathering 2019: What’s Next!



Filmed live at the Heritage Conference Center, the 50+ Gathering 2019: What’s Next! Conference features anointed teaching by Ken Fish, Judith MacNutt, John Boneck, and others. In these sessions, you’ll learn how to move in healing and deliverance as well as how to carry the fire of God to the next generation. This is teaching for all generations.



Sessions Include:

  1. What Next? Flourishing Beyond 50 by John Boneck and Ken Fish
  2. What is the Gospel? The Gospel is a Declaration of War by Ken Fish
  3. Making a Place of Springs & Transformed by the Power of God by Ken Fish and Judith MacNutt
  4. Pathways to Inner Healing by Judith MacNutt
  5. The Freedom of Forgiveness & Healing our Image of God by Ken Fish and Judith MacNutt
  6. Send Forth by Judith MacNutt


Digital Video

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