All of Us Speak CD





Generations, backgrounds, lives, blood, breath, and creativity all coming together to form one. So different, but so perfectly portraying each individual while capturing the entirety of the group. This has become the place where we have found more of what we need—we have even found ourselves. Maybe we were never lost, but always here to begin with.  We are the ones the Father seeks—not perfect, not possible—but hearts that will bleed for Him, lungs that will breathe for Him, and lives that will consistently SPEAK of Him.  It is ALL OF US giving all of ourselves.



Tracks Include:


  • You Won My Heart
  • Echo
  • You Deserve It All
  • Fragile
  • Come Like a Lion
  • Ocean Tide
  • Take My Heart
  • Martha and Mary
  • Union
  • My Hallelujah
  • Finally
  • You


This unique album is recorded in 432 A.

Type Music
Author Don Potter
SKU DP6-020