Believing God



This insightful commentary by the minister of Westminster Chapel in London, England makes Hebrews 11 come alive. Author R.T. Kendall explores the nature of faith through heroes in Scripture while weaving in discussion of often-debated matters such as the sovereignty of God, creation, and prophecy.


Another book for my top 10 books every person should read! Wow! —Goodreads Reviewer

By far the best book I have ever read on the topic of Faith—and Hebrews 11 for that matter. —Amazon Reviewer

I have never read a Christian book that so intimately showed me the path to peace. R.T. Kendall touched my heart and my life so deeply when he reminded me, through his book, that the life of every believer is lived by faith and faith alone. It is in believing God that we find direction and fulfillment. A better book about this life-changing subject would be hard to find. —Amazon Reviewer

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