Deep Foundations: The Revelation of Jesus Christ



More than ever before, there is a growing desire for understanding the end times. Important questions abound: When will the church be raptured? Are we destined for greater works? Who is the antichrist? What is the millennium? Are there layers of fulfillment in the prophecies of Scripture? In this course, Lead Pastor Justin Perry digs deep into these and other questions. The six sessions, emphasizing the victorious end-time church in the midst of turbulent times and the genius of God's plan of redemption, represent nearly 1,000 hours of study and preparation. This series includes 6 MP3s:


1. Understanding Eschatology

2. Interpretive Models for The Revelation of Jesus Christ

3. Revelation Chapters 1-6

4. Revelation Chapters 7-11

5. Revelation Chapters 12-16

6. Revelation Chapter 17-22


MorningStar Fellowship Church's Deep Foundations classes consist of overviews of essential Christian doctrine and books of the Bible, taught by our leadership team. As Jesus taught in Luke 6:48, when we build our lives on the Word of God, we are like a man who digs deep and builds his house on a solid foundation, and our house will stand in the midst of every storm. These classes are designed to help us dig deep into the Word of God and build our lives on a solid foundation.



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Author Justin Perry
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