In the Spirit



Featuring Leonard Jones, Suzy Yaraei, Don Potter and Matthew Donovan, this album is the second one recorded from our Worship and Warfare II conference in Jacksonville, Florida. MorningStar favorites such as "Come, Come, Come" and "In The Spirit" are included on this album. This is a praise album. Many of the songs are devoted to lifting up the name of the Lord.


“As I was listening to the tapes recorded at New Life Church in Jacksonville, Florida, I was impressed by the Lord that what I was listening to was not some of the songs that the MorningStar worship leaders wrote, but I was hearing the anointing of the Lord. Then He showed me why there was an anointing of the Lord, and He showed me why there was an anointing there. I saw intercessors in little rooms and in prayer closets crying out to God for months before the event, all during the three days of the conference. Men and women determined to touch the Father were in the halls, out in the parking lot, in small rooms in the back, and all across the front of the stage and on the stage itself, bathing the entire place in prayer. Though we were all privileged to be a part of those three days, I know we had little to do with the power of the anointing. We rode the wave of the Spirit prayed into existence by the saints of the Living God.” -Don Potter


Tracks Include:

01 On and On / Come, Come, Come
02 Shout the Praises
03 Everything That Has Breath
04 I Believe
05 In The Spirit


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