MFM Retreat 2018: Powers of The Age To Come



Filmed live at the Heritage Conference Center, the 2018 MFM
Retreat: Powers of the Age to Come features anointed teaching
from Rick Joyner, Bobby Conner, and Tom and Mary
Anne Hardiman.  Also includes worship by Suzy Yaraei, David Vallier, and many others. Be part of what the Lord is planning for the age to come.


 Sessions Include:

  1. The State of The Ministry by Rick Joyner
  2. Time of Visitation and Restoration - Broken Bookends by Rick JoynerMary Anne Hardiman
  3. In His Presence - The Gospel of Life by Bobby Conner
  4. Think Bigger by Tom Hardiman
  5. Briefing On Current Prophetic Revelation by Rick Joyner
  6. The New Breed of Leaders by Tom Hardiman


Digital Video

Purchasers of the Digital Video format will receive an email link to a video streaming page with the option of streaming or downloading video of each conference session. MP3 Audio Download is included free of charge.



Purchasers of the MP3 format will receive a link to download the conference audio only. MP3 format does not include conference worship.