Start the Countdown


Today, voices from every walk of life are warning about our imminent collapse. Scientists predict Earth’s complex ecosystems are poised for catastrophe. Experts warn our global economic and political systems are about to implode. The Bible also warns about this kind of turmoil. However, we have neglected the scriptures pointing to the reign of a holy people who will expand the kingdom of God on the earth.

This book by Michael Fickess chronicles a unique prophetic journey, offering a glimpse of the vast regions of refuge the Father will soon raise up. These are places where creation is restored, believers learn to access heaven, and resurrection power is released through child-like faith. This book also carries a unique prophetic promise for the Bob Jones Vision Center, a hub of restoration in what is about to unfold.

As believers, we are not counting down to the earth’s demise, but to the beginning of a glorious restoration. This is a restoration that begins now, as we discover the limitless power and authority available to us through what Christ accomplished.
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