The Burning Cloud



Meaty Revelation for a Rising Priesthood.


Previous moves of God have brought great restorations of truth, but the best is yet to come. This second installment in The Great Acceleration Trilogy unveils the challenges we have faced in the past, the perils we face today, and a clear road map for rising above every obstacle to become an unshakeable priesthood who will reign in the future.

Written with a balance of revelation and strong biblical support, this book explores the meaty truths of the Word we will need to internalize as sustenance for the long journey ahead, including:

  • The power of hiddenness, humility, and faithfulness
  • Walking in the full light of the Seven-fold Spirit of God (Is. 11:1-2)
  • How to free others from the fog of spiritual apathy
  • What the apostolic, prophetic, and priestly ministries will look like and  accomplish when they reach full maturity
  • Hope for raising up the most broken and desperate places on earth
  • The full weight of our inheritance as New Covenant believers
  • and much more!


 Complete with a set of linocut illustrations by the author, this volume is sure to stir great spiritual hunger in even the most seasoned believers.
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