The Epistles of Hebrews & James (MorningStar Vision Bible)


Of all the Epistles in the New Testament, Hebrews is unique and is considered the deepest theologically. It is also one of the most important for fortifying the New Covenant we have in Christ. It is addressed to the Jewish people about their greatest hope, the Messiah, engaging in an in-depth overview of how the Old Covenant law prophesied Christ and was fulfilled in Him.


James seals his strong and wise counsel to believers with the motivation that the kingdom of God is coming, being preceded by the judgment of God and the coming presence of the Lord (Greek – parousia). Biblical prophecies about the end of the age indicate that these will be the three great messages at the end of this age that help prepare the church for the coming kingdom.


The MorningStar Vision Bible is a unique version dedicated to the greatest accuracy of translation possible. Featuring unique commentary with insights by Rick Joyner on the greatest story ever told of the most important movement in history—the beginning and spreading of Christianity.

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