The Father's Horse



Step into an Unbreakable Circle of Pure Love.


Prompted by a series of prophetic visions received over Father’s Day weekend in 2017, this allegory illumines the relationship Jesus enjoyed with His heavenly father and calls readers to imitate Christ’s revelational prayer life.


Although this book may stand alone as a revelation of the Father’s heart, this last book in The Great Acceleration trilogy also completes the series by shedding new light on the power of Christ’s atonement and the ultimate goal of mature friendship with Father God.  While the previous two books highlighted the callings of mature priests, prophets, and harvest workers in the end times, this book shows us how to return to the Father’s table and re-discover our full inheritance under the New Covenant.  Discover keys of wisdom to unlock how to:


  • Walk with God as Jesus did
  • Remain in the center of the Father’s love and divine favor
  • Abide in the perfect will of God all the time
  • Discover your true identity and your eternal destiny
  • Harness the power of your words, thoughts, and desires to draw nearer to the Lord
  • The surprising implications of living in the “eternal realms”
  • and much more!
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