The Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts (MorningStar Vision Bible)


This remarkable account of the life of Jesus was written by a Gentile physician who traveled with the Apostle Paul on some of his missionary journeys. Luke also authored the Book of Acts. Both of these seem to have been written for one man, Theophilus. Because the salutation contains the “most excellent,” which is how the Jews addressed Roman officials as we see in Acts chapters 23, 24, and 26, some consider this to have been written for the Roman official who first heard the Apostle Paul’s case in Rome.


The Gospel, the Holy Spirit who ordains and anoints it, and the messengers who carry it are an irresistible force and an immovable object in the earth. The truth will prevail, and that is the basic message of the Book of Acts. 


The MorningStar Vision Bible is a unique version dedicated to the greatest accuracy of translation possible. Featuring unique commentary with insights by Rick Joyner on the greatest story ever told of the most important movement in history—the beginning and spread of Christianity.

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