The Gospel of Mark (MorningStar Vision Bible)


The Gospel of Mark found immediate acceptance among the early Christians. There has never been much controversy about its authenticity. It is indeed the work of Mark, who had been a disciple and close associate of several of the most imminent apostles, including Paul and Barnabas.


Mark wrote this account of the life of Christ as it had been told to him by Peter, one of the closest of the twelve to Jesus. Many believe this is why it was written in such a basic and rough style—the way a fisherman like Peter might have conveyed the greatest story ever told. Even though this is the shortest of the Gospels, it includes rich details, such as the expressions, feelings, and gestures of Christ and others in the account, and even comments from the crowd. This implies that the Gospel of Mark is the remembrance of someone very close to Jesus and all that is described. When Mark’s Gospel is read with this in mind, its coarse style takes on a special richness.


The MorningStar Vision Bible is a unique version dedicated to the greatest accuracy of translation possible. Featuring unique commentary with insights by Rick Joyner on the greatest story ever told of the most important movement in history—the beginning and spread of Christianity.

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