The Judgment Seat of Christ



Life on this earth is a dress rehearsal for eternal life. I Corinthians 3:13 says that the judgment day will reveal the quality, character, and worth of each person’s work, determining the believer’s eternal rank in heaven. In this 10-part teaching series, Tom Hardiman sheds light on a little understood yet important topic—the Judgment Seat of Christ. Drawing upon thirty years of foundational insights from Rick Joyner’s The Final Quest and teachings from Kevin Conner, Mike Bickle, and Bruce Wilkinson, Tom has developed his own truly illuminating notes and teaching based on the revelations he received through hours of study. Learn how to live life with the eternal in mind, and how to position yourself to hear “well done, good and faithful servant.”


Session Topics Include:

Session 1 – A Neglected Truth

Session 2 – Things That Really Matter

Session 3 – We All Stand Before the Judgment Seat

Session 4 – Accountability and Responsibility—Commendation or Regret?

Session 5 – Eternal Rank

Session 6 – Rewards

Session 7 – Mansions, Cities, Thrones, and Crowns

Session 8 – What Will He Measure? What Will He Weigh?

Session 9 – Motives, Character, and Facing Your Enemies

Session 10 - Choose Wisely, Finish Well


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