The Rick Joyner Collection


Build your library and go higher in God with this super special of fifty classic and bestselling titles from Rick Joyner. Save over 50% off our retail price!

This collection includes:

The Final Quest Trilogy, The Final Quest (compact edition), The Call, The Torch and the Sword, 50 Days to a Firm Foundation, 50 Days to a Soaring Foundation, 50 Days to a Soaring Vision, Ephesians: Volume I, Ephesians Volume II, The Apostolic Ministry, The Prophetic Ministry, I See a New America, The Valley, The Path, Living Dangerously, Army of the Dawn: Part I, Army of the Dawn: Part II, A Prophetic History, There Were Two Trees in the Garden, The Journey Begins, The Power to Change the World, The Overcoming Life, Epic Battles of the Last Days, Leadership: The Power of a Creative Life, When God Walked the Earth, Taking the Land, The Surpassing Greatness of His Power, Church History, The Harvest, Visions of the Harvest, World on Fire, Courage that Changed the World, The Fire That Could Not Die, The Three Witnesses, Overcoming the Accuser, Overcoming the Spirit of Poverty, Overcoming the Religious Spirit, Overcoming Witchcraft, Overcoming Racism, Overcoming Fear, and Overcoming Confusion.