The Spirit of a Pioneer



In "The Spirit of a Pioneer," Ray Hughes sheds light on the coming move of God and some characteristics of the people who will experience God's fullness. He exhorts us to be overcomers who are not bound by natural circumstances, but who press on to know the Lord and take new lands in the spirit.

"Revival or Bust" - The coming move of the Lord will be unlike any other we have ever seen. The Lord is currently stirring the hearts of people all over the world to venture deeper in the things He has for us and occupy new lands in the spirit.

"Overcoming Mountains" - In this message, Ray Hughes exhorts us to become overcomers who are not bound by circumstance. It also addresses common hindrances that often keep us from fully experiencing the Lord.

"The Pioneer's Path" - Here Ray compares the journeys of pioneers in early America to our pursuit of the Lord today. He draws parallels from the lives of notable pioneers and makes them practical for us now.


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Author Ray Hughes
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