Worship & Warfare III



In April 1996, MorningStar began a series of annual Worship & Warfare conferences. Many of our most popular CDs were born from these, with classics such as "Vision," "Glory," "In the Spirit," and "Fly Me Like the Wind." Now, after ten years, the long awaited Worship and Warfare III is here. This CD is packed with ten powerfully anointed songs from the 2007 Worship & Warfare Conference, featuring Amber Brooks, David Olinger, Josh Baldwin, Suzy Yaraei, and Leonard Jones. It also includes songs inspired by Leonard's experience on the Summer of Love Tour.

  Tracks Include: 

01 Burning Bush
02 Ready to Love
03 Beautiful
04 He's Alive
05 My Deliverer
06 Like You Promised
07 After You
08 Offering of the Lion
09 Blessed the Lord
10 Worship
Type Music
SKU ES6-050I00