Write to Ignite



Do you feel called to write but don’t know where to start? If you answer “yes” to that question, then Write to Ignite will be a great resource for you. In this textbook for writing, Deborah Joyner Johnson shares the lessons she’s learned in her years as an author and editor.


Topics include:

  •     Developing creativity in writing
  •     The basics of grammar and punctuation
  •     Choosing a book title
  •     Developing the skill of editing
  •     Working with editors and agents


Also included are chapters for those who aspire to write fiction, poetry, and children’s books. If you feel called to be a writer, heeding the lessons in this book could turn rejection slips into contracts.

To have an idea is one thing—to present it is entirely another. A friend originally purchased this book for me to help me with my children's story. I have recently bought another copy through Amazon. "Write to Ignite" covers everything from grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, computer shortcut keystrokes, descriptive writing, character development, plots, spelling, editing, formatting, various types of manuscripts, and submission requirements. There was nothing left out. I took the advice of editor, Deborah Joyner Johnson, and made many changes to my story. Today I am contracted with a publisher.  —Amazon Reviewer

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