50 Days for a Firm Foundation



This daily devotional is designed to strengthen the foundations of your spiritual life through a fifty day study of God’s plan as revealed in the Scriptures. This study will challenge you to search out the heart of God like never before.

This book is exactly as the title describes. It goes over foundational truths and helps to get them into your heart so you know what you believe. Each day's devotional is short enough to read in a few minutes, yet packs enough information in it to make you think and be hungry for more. —Amazon Reviewer

As with many of Rick Joyner's books, I read it as quickly as I could because it was just that good (not in fifty days). Then, I will return and reread it to soak in the truths that will help my spirit grow. —Amazon Reviewer

Type Books
Author Rick Joyner
SKU RJ1-031