Adventures in Dreaming: The Supernatural Nature of Dreams



Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid it seemed real? Would you like to understand the wild and sometimes confusing imagery in your dreams? If you answer “Yes” to these questions, Adventures in Dreaming will be a powerful resource for you. This book will activate your dream life and assist with dream interpretation by bringing an understanding of prophetic dreams, generational dreams, evangelism dreams, and more. You are called to experience and enjoy adventures in dreaming.


A perfect companion to the book, the Adventures in Dreaming Journal will be a vital tool for helping you understand and interpret your dreams. Using a unique template of questions based on Justin Perry's book, this journal will guide you through the interpretation process and includes space to record and process eighty dreams. Bonus pages are included to record additional insights. The Adventures in Dreaming Journal will fully activate you to experience all God is saying to you in the night.


Want in-depth teaching on more than ten categories of dreams and how to process them, including prophetic dreams, generational dreams, intercessory dreams, evangelism dreams, and much more? The Adventures In Dreaming Teaching Set will guide your dream interpretation and activate your dream life like never before!

He put to words many things I have experienced and opened my eyes to some new revelation, too. I am excited to see what comes next in my dream life! —Amazon Reviewer
This book has given me new insight and understanding and I've had meaningful dreams every night since I started reading it! —Amazon Reviewer
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Author Justin Perry
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