Army of the Dawn



God has an army that will soon mobilize. Its weapons are not physical but spiritual, and this gathering will be the most powerful force on earth. This book is a call to be part of the greatest adventure and the most important cause there will ever be. Army of the Dawn is both a prophecy and a training manual. It is written to inform, inspire, and provide practical instruction for those who are called to follow the King and turn an upside down world right side up.

It’s like a handbook for the church for the coming move of God. If you are interested in what the Lord is doing on the earth and how we can partner with Him, this is a must read. I highlighted so much. —Goodreads Reviewer

By far one of the best books I've ever had the privilege of reading. The only negative is that with all of the incredible insights in this book, the need to stop and ponder is constant, taking twice as long to read than another book of the same size. —Amazon Reviewer

Type Books
Author Rick Joyner
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