Enoch's Blessing: A Modern English Paraphrase of Enoch's Ancient Writings (Updated Edition)



Rediscover the first prophet's urgent message for the final generation in this updated edition of Enoch’s Blessing. This book clearly presents Enoch’s ancient writings in a modern English paraphrase while exploring the prophetic significance of his message for the end times. This updated edition includes sub-headings for ease of study along with over two hundred helpful notes, Bible cross-references, and a topical index for individual or small group study.

This book does not add to Scripture; but in a sense "fleshes it out" or gives a little background. The author did a great job with the paraphrase and endnotes. If you're interested in "searching out the Scriptures" as the Bereans, I highly recommend this book.  —Amazon Reviewer

I've read the book of Enoch several times; it’s a very interesting read but very challenging, particularly depending on the translation. Reading this book actually encouraged me quite a bit and gave me hope, something I hadn't expected. A great read, very interesting and a blessing! —Amazon Reviewer

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