Finding and Exploring Deeper Waters: Bible Curriculum (Volume 2)


Designed to Impart a Balance of Word and Spirit

This unique series of Bible studies is designed to help disciple high school students, home schools, church discipleship groups, and new believers. Both a student workbook and a teacher’s guide, each volume in the three-book series contains user-friendly lesson plans designed to impart a balance of “Word” and “Spirit." Each lesson includes core doctrine, foundation Scriptures, a daily devotional, activations, and more. Core doctrines are supplemented with the “deeper mysteries” of our faith to stir up hunger for a lifelong pursuit of God. These lessons are currently being used at Comenius School for Creative Leadership, MorningStar Ministries’ K-12 school.


Workbook 2 – Finding and Exploring Deeper Waters

Book Two is designed to challenge disciples to cultivate a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit. It includes twenty-seven core doctrines, such as Christ’s supremacy, gifts and callings, the five-fold ministry, the priesthood of believers, and much more. It also includes deeper mysteries, such as “re-training our thoughts” and “creating a resting place for God’s glory.”


Other Volumes in this Series:

Workbook One – Planted and Thriving on High Rock: Presents the basic foundations of discipleship, including “Christ and Him crucified.”


Workbook Three – Finding the Path of Life: Coming Soon! Teaches believers how to read and interpret the Scriptures for themselves.

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