Overcoming the Spirit of Poverty



Have you repeatedly tried to move into a new level of personal and financial freedom? Does something always seem to be holding you back? In Overcoming the Spirit of Poverty, Rick Joyner exposes one of Satan’s most deadly strongholds seeking to keep you in bondage. The spirit of poverty affects more than economics—it keeps you from experiencing the fullness of the victory gained for you at the cross. Learn how to recognize and overcome this stronghold and gain a place of spiritual authority that will enable you to meet the needs of today’s world.

Powerfully practical advice, affirming the reality that poverty doesn't come from without, but from within. —Goodreads Reviewer

As always Rick Joyner delves deep into the Scriptures in a way a novice could understand. His desire to impart truth to the masses shines out through every page as he very ably reveals God's perspective on the more intricate aspects of the spirit of poverty. This is a must-read for every Christian whether or not they have financial issues! —Amazon Reviewer

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Author Rick Joyner
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