Paul's Letters to the Corinthians (MorningStar Vision Bible)


These letters encompass everything from practical church life—including church discipline—to the purpose of love and the importance of sound doctrine on the resurrection of the dead. The Apostle Paul was devoted to not merely giving instructions, but also to sharing with believers “why” the instructions were important.


This is in keeping with the core purpose of the Gospel—to change peoples’ hearts, not just their behavior. For this reason, no other writings ever penned have changed more hearts than the letters of the Apostle Paul. These two letters to the Corinthians stand as the most powerful of all.


The MorningStar Vision Bible is a unique version dedicated to the greatest accuracy of translation possible. Featuring unique commentary with insights by Rick Joyner on the greatest story ever told of the most important movement in history—the beginning and spread of Christianity.

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Author Rick Joyner
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