Planted and Thriving on High Rock: Bible Curriculum (Volume 1)


Designed to Impart a Balance of Word and Spirit.

This unique series of Bible studies is designed to help disciple high school students, home schools, church discipleship groups, and new believers. Both a student workbook and a teacher’s guide, each volume in the three-book series contains user-friendly lesson plans designed to impart a balance of “Word” and “Spirit." Each lesson includes core doctrine, foundation Scriptures, a daily devotional, activations, and more. Core doctrines are supplemented with the “deeper mysteries” of our faith to stir up hunger for a lifelong pursuit of God. These lessons are currently being used at Comenius School for Creative Leadership, MorningStar Ministries’ K-12 school.


Workbook 1 – Planted and Thriving on High Rock

Workbook One presents the basic foundation of “Christ and Him crucified.” This volume covers twenty-seven core doctrines with topics such as the Trinity, the atonement, repentance, forgiveness, the restoration of all things, dealing with trials, and much more. It also includes deeper mysteries, such as the reality that we are “hidden with God in Christ” and are “identified with Christ’s death and resurrection.”


Other Volumes in this Series:

Workbook Two – Finding and Exploring Deeper Waters: Designed to challenge disciples to cultivate a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit.


Workbook Three – Finding the Path of Life: Coming Soon! Teaches believers how to read and interpret the Scriptures for themselves.
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