The Prophetic Ministry


In The Prophetic Ministry, Rick Joyner provides a practical guidebook for the prophetic ministry. Refuse to settle for less than what God has for you! Get your questions answered and become activated in your prophetic ministry. Topics include:


  • What is prophecy?
  • Is it right to seek the prophetic?
  • Do we really need prophecy today?
  • How can we recognize counterfeit gifts of the Spirit?

There are misunderstandings about the prophetic ministry, but this book is an outstanding tool to understand how the prophetic works. —Goodreads Reviewer

Some believe that prophecy and prophets exist in the church today. Others believe they do not. Joyner argues that both exist and must exist for the end-time church to come to fruition. His argument is thought-provoking, provocative, logical, and biblical. No matter which side of the question you believe, I challenge you to reserve judgment until you have read this book. It will stimulate you to ask questions and study the Word for the answers. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the subject of prophecy. —Amazon Reviewer

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Author Rick Joyner
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